Crankshaft grinding machines

Rex: Hydraulic Crankshaft Grinders

REX Crankshaft Grinders are designed to utilize the most accurate and efficient crankshaft setup system available.
REX Crankshaft Grinders use work heads with 4-way cross slides with an advanced locking system which permits quick centering of the crankshaft.
Heavy duty one piece cast iron construction assures you a lifetime of superior accuracy and dependability.
Whatever your crank grinding needs, REX has a model designed to do the job that your customers demand at a price that you can afford.

Wheel head

Sideways are coated with antifriction material to obtain free movement and a minimun of wear
Hardened steel spindle, turns in oil bathed fully adjustble precision sleeve bearings

Hydraulic controls

Rapid hydraulic wheelhead traverse and hydraulic table movement increase speed during set-up and grinding
Fine feed controls for both movements assure accuracy

Work Heads

4 way cross slides with advanced locking system permit quick centering of crankshaft. Shiftring is found by a centesimal dial indicator
“O” setting is obtained by shifting the heads against the central stop, which maybe released for possible corrections
Indexed chucks rotate 360 °
Micrometric chuck rotation
Easy change from chucks to centers
Only two keys for all shifting, centering and clamping operations


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Crankshaft grinding machines

Rex 1200

Rettificatrice Alberi Gomito Robbi REX 1200

Rex 1500

Rex 1800

Rex 2200

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Crankshaft grinding machines (industrial line)

Rex 2700

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Rex 4000

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Crankshaft Grinding Machines

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