Moving wheelhead, cylindrical grinder with roll grooving attachment

The Robbi Group offers the MSG CNC series of moving wheelhead grinding machines which are ideally suited to the grinding of carbon fibre, rubber, ceramic, composite and ferrous alloy rolls.

The competitive advantages of a grinding machines within the machining of the roller industry includes;

  • Grinding speed
  • Increased amount of material removal
  • Superior surface finish and increased part accuracy

A traditional lathe, mounted with a grinding toopost is offered by some manufacturers, however, this arrangement has several flaws including, a slow and inaccurate process where todays engineers are demanding improved surface finishes and part accuracy.

A Robbi moving wheelhead grinding machine can maximise production and replace several lathes reducing costly labour, floorspace and energy overheads. Furthermore, you will also see a superior quality finished component using a reduced amount of electricity.

Grooving attachment

The grooves in the rolls are performed by rotating the wheelhead electro-spindle by 90˚ in relation to the main grinding wheel.
The ROBBI Group designed, grooving attachment utilises electric motors that are able to cope with most types of groove.

Omicron Mola Mobile Dispositivo Rigature Robbi Group

Grinding Roll Profiles

Omicron Mola Mobile Dispositivo Rigature Profili Rettifica 01 Robbi Group

Grooving Roll Profiles

Omicron Mola Mobile Dispositivo Rigature Esempi 01 Robbi Group

Programs for almost every imaginable type of groove are provided as standard with the machine

Omicron Travelling Wheelhead

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Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The machine operator has the ability to control the machine with an intuitive, easy to operate, and Robbi designed machine interface. This allows a faster machine set-up for the efficient grinding of roller profiles including complex grooving cycles.

Omicron Mola Mobile Prog 00 Robbi Group
Omicron Mola Mobile Prog 01 Robbi Group
Omicron Mola Mobile Prog 02 Robbi Group
Omicron Mola Mobile Prog 03 Robbi Group

2 product lines

In the Omicron range there are 2 product Moving wheelhead lines, the MSG 60 and the MSG 80, whose main features can be summarized by the following table

Product line Maximum lengths Maximum diameter Maximum Weight
Omicron MSG 60 3–4-5-6–7-8-9 e 10 meters 695 mm 2000 kg
Omicron MSG 80 3–4-5-6–7-8-9 e 10 meters 995 mm 8000 kg

Omicron MSG 60

Omicron Mola Mobile Msg 60 Cnc 10 Robbi Group

Omicron MSG 80

Omicron Mola Mobile Msg 80 Cnc 01 Robbi Grou

Mechanical Precision

The rigid machine base structure is manufactured from normalised cast iron. A stabilised process ensures the guides will not deform over the life of the machine.

Wheelhead Carriage
The wheelhead carriage is manufactured from normalised cast iron and designed to dampen any grinding vibration and provides optimal rigidity for increased surface finish.
The finished ground face of the wheelhead, is equipped with two high precision, linear guide rails to which 5 pairs of linear guide roller bearings ensure the maximum precision and rigidity of the carriage over the longitudinal travel (Z-axis). The axis travel is carried out via a rack and pinion transmission.
In the transverse axis (X-axis), the carriage runs on linear guide rails with roller guide bearings and travel is controlled by a ballscrew with a 0.1µ, closed loop linear encoder.
High precision, linear roller bearings and guide rails provides minimal friction between moving parts especially at lower feedrates. Optimal linear machine motion across the full machine axes travels.

The external grinding wheelhead hydrodynamic spindle rotates on anti-friction metal bushes ensuring a high precision surface finish.
Wheel head rotation is undertaken manually, and on request, automatic wheelhead rotation can be offered.

A normalised, stabilised cast iron workhead is equipped with a high precision spindle bearings providing maximum rigidity and high performance. The workhead can easily be locked for grinding between dead centres.
On request, the workhead rotation can be controlled with a C Axis to allow the grinding of grooves etc.