Grinding machines and machine toos Robbi Group: high precision, reliables, easy to use


Robbi Group is a leading worldwide manufacturer in 4 sectors:

  • Cylindrical Grinding Machines (Universal, Internal and External)
  • Heavy Duty Tube Honing Machines (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Heavy Duty Crankshaft Grinding Machines
  • Engine Reconditioning Machines

Design and manufacture precision machine tools, technologically advanced, reliable, safe, easy to use and “tailor-made” for each customer.

  • The level of excellence of the Robbi Group machines must exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Innovation is in Robbi Group DNA
  • Robbi Group solve problems and honor its commitments
  • We listen to customers and team members to continually improve

Robbi Group approach

  • The mechanical design engineer team focuses to understanding the customer’s production process
  • Great part of the mechanical components made by an internal workshop
  • Each external component is chosen from among the best available on the market
  • The software is designed, implemented and improved by an internal team
  • The project team control and test each machine
  • On request, Robbi Group grinds Customer’s workpieces to optimize the production cycle
  • Robbi Group perform the training on the job at the customer’s workshop
  • Assistance is timely and involves the design team

Sectors served and special projects
The company serves the aerospace, automotive, precision mechanics sectors and is the ideal partner in all sectors requiring a high precision grinding process.
Robbi Group has focused the efforts on product quality and has:

  • realized many special projects (among other, grinding wheel grinding machine for polycarbonate cylinders, high precision internal grinding with a granite base, …)
  • installed thousands of machine tools in the main markets (Europe, Asia, America and North Africa) and in many leading companies.

Since 1936 four generations of engineers

Italo Robbi Brilliant inventor of innovative precision systems
Angelo Robbi Inventor and Mechanical Designer
Roberto Robbi Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic
Riccardo Robbi Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua
1936 Company foundation based in Milan
1963 Robbi Group transfer to Cologna Veneta.
Development of a wide range of engine reconditioning machines:

  • Crankshaft Grinding Machines
  • Cylinder Boring & Grinding Machines
  • Cylinders Honing machines
  • Line Boring Machines
  • Surface Grinding/Milling Machines

Some simple and brilliant patents were also developed (such as the small devices for cams balancing) that have made a valuable contribution to many racing  team success.

1970) Launch of Heavy Duty Honing Tube Machines
1986 Development of:

  • Heavy Duty Crankshaft Grinding Machines
  • Cylindrical Universal Grinders
  • Company transfer to Veronella
  • Introduction of new technologies and rise of production
  • Launch of Semiautomatic Cylindrical Grinding
2001 Launch of CNC Cylindrical Grinding
  • Further boost to the company thanks to the development of:
  • Numerical Control Grinding Software
  • New models of internal grinding machines
2016 CNC Universal Grinders become Industry 4.0

starts from initial consultancy, to realize the most performing and most suitable grinding machine for the Customer’s production process

Each component is carefully checked by qualified personnel

Select by placing quality and accuracy first


The assistance and installation operations are carried out by qualified technicians offering mechanical, electrical and programming solutions.
For each machine training is planned at the Robbi headquarters or at the Customer’s premises

Robbi specialists are guaranteed to:
improvement of rectification work fast repairs and effective interventions on Robbi machine tools
For CNC machines, Robbi intervenes in real time to support programming