Line Boring Machine

Line Boring Machines are designed for precision performance.
The heavy duty cast-iron base provides stability for precise boring.
Boring bars are hardened and chrome plated for rigid, straight boring.
The direct tool setting capabilities provided on the machine minimize operator error.
The line bore’s versatility allows boring of overhead cam type cylinder heads, passenger car blocks, large diesel blocks and a wide range of other industrial uses.
The 4-way adjustment of the boring head and columns simplifies set-up.
The twin control panels puts the operator in front of the work for full control during the boring process.
The infinitely variable spindle selection combined with choice of feed, gives the operator precise control of the bore finish.
Extra long boring spindle travel maximizes the boring capacity with just one tool setting.


Heavy bed made of stress-relieved steel to assure stability and vibration free boring

Workpiece setting up

Approximative centering by means of cones and final centering by means of two universal centering device with dial indicator
A bridge comparator holder secures a perfect alignment of boring bar as to the block surface


Workhead is mounted on a vertical and trasversally adjustable support to allow a fat and accurate alignment
Control grouped in the head for an easy and handy operation
Boring spindle with two limit stops
Automatic workhead lubrication

Boring Bar Supports

Bar supports vertically adjustable and movable on all working surfaces
Ajustable bar bearings with possibility to swing and shift crosswise to permit a fast alignment

Standard Equipment

Complete electric installation with low tension controls (24 V)
Lighting system
1 Precision tool setting micrometer
2 Universal centering devices
1 Pair of parallel supports 600×100 mm
1 Pair of parallel supports 600×230 mm
1 Pair of parallel supports 400×140 mm
4 Locking clamps
1 Complete bridge central support
1 Dial gauge holder
1 Bearing adjusting device
1 Set of spanners
Operating manual and spare parts list

Technical features

R 2000/B R 2000/C R  2000/C
Length of block mm 1800 2200 2500
Min Distance from bed to bar center-line  mm  400
Max Distance from bed to bar center-line  mm  800
Boring diameters wiht bars and cutters heads  mm  22 – 200
Speeds of spindle RPM 0-500
Feed manual rapid mm/giro 100
Feed manual micrometric mm/giro 0.1
2 Automatic feeds mm/giro 0,05-0,1
Max Spindle travel mm 430
Electric motor power kW 1.5

Line Boring Machines Robbi Group

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