Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine for heads and cylinder blocks Alpha 15-17

Hydraulic table movement with variable translation speed
Spindle is supported by adjustable taper roller bearings
Transmission motor to spindle by special belt
Separated cooling installation with decantation tank
Segmentted grinding wheel with coupling for tool holder bar for aluminum surfacing
Head movement control device
Multicult Hydraulic Surface Grinder
These models of hydraulic surface grinders for heads and blocks in cast iron, aluminium and particulars in steel, have been purposely designed for working with a 12 inserted tools milling cutter

Standard Equipment

  • Coolant tank, electro-pump, with electric system
  • Complete hydraulic installation
  • Head movement control device (without dial gauge)
  • Set of spash guard
  • Segmented Grinding Wheel with Abrasive Segments
  • Toolholder complete with 2 tools, with brazed tool tip for aluminiumalloys
  • Wheel Dresser
  • 2 Parallel Supports 100 mm high with bolts
  • 4 locking clamps with bolts
  • Set of Service Spanners
  • Operating Manual
Spianatrice Rettificatrice Alpha 17 Robbi Group