Honing PLC Software

LYOR are equipped with multifunction ‘touch-screen’ control panel, which permits an easy programming and management of all the operating parameters performed by the PLC:

  • position of honing head inversion points
  • position of honing head for component loading/unloading
  • honing stone expansion pressure (On request, honing head expansion stroke is controlled by a mechanical stroke end, with micrometric adjustment)
  • working speed of honing head longitudinal movement
  • positioning speed of honing head
  • honing head rotation speed
  • workhead spindle rotation speed ( only for LYOR-S )
  • number of honing strokes
  • number of finish strokes
  • abrasive stone pressure

The ‘touch-screen’ control panel visualizes:

  • machine state and alarm messages
  • all set parameters of the automatic cycle in working
  • eventual corrections made to the set parameters during the automatic cycle in working
  • diagram of the honing head spindle power band during the honing head stroke