Semi-Automatic Grinding Machines Software

Control panel SIEMENS TP700 for easy programming of grinding cycles
Wheelhead and table position visualized on operator panel
Programmable grinding cycles: plunge and pass
Programming up to 12 different diameters, in a single grinding cycle
Possibility to update the operator panel, with the correction of each diameter
Semi automatic grinding cycle, with stop of the grinding wheel feed once the programmed diameter has been reached
Automatic grinding wheel dressing cycle with compensation of all the grinding dimensions

In process measuring gauge and gap control systems ( On Request)

Movement of wheel head (axis X) in both automatic and manual
Movement of table (axis Z) in both automatic and manual
Selection of the electronic handwheel division

Automatic Grinding Cycles, Plunge and Pass with Parameters

Stock removal – rough and finish
Automatic increments – rough and finish, for pass grinding cycles
Automatic feeds – rough and finish, for plunge grinding cycles
Dwell – table inversion
Sparkout time
Sparkout pass

Standard Programs
Multi Diameter
Parameters Setting